creative-player-foundation-about (2)For over 10 years Creative Player Inc. has reached thousands of young soccer players in Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties with a highly acclaimed soccer learning system. In an effort to bring this fantastic training system to children from lower income families, Creative Player Sports Foundation will utilize Creative Player Inc.’s soccer learning system comprised of the Youth Policy and DMAC Futbol Learning System. The Youth Policy provides a complete guide for age-appropriate youth development for ages 5 – 18 and the Creative Player DMAC Futbol Learning System Manual provides a complete philosophy, methodology, and curriculum for youth soccer development. Creative Player Sports Foundation’s goal is to provide access to sport education removing the socioeconomic and cultural barriers that prevent children in at risk urban communities from participating due to high costs. We aim to use soccer as a motivational tool to encourage children in impoverished areas of Charlotte to succeed in different aspects of their lives.

Creative Player Inc.’s co-founders Daniel Araujo and John Pietak will be bringing their skills, expertise and extensive background to Creative Player Sports Foundation. Together Araujo and Pietak bring over 40 years of combined experience ranging from professional soccer to collegiate level in and out of the field.


The mission of Creative Player Sports Foundation is to bring underprivileged children between the ages of 5 – 18 together from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to build community through the sport of soccer in urban Charlotte , NC .

Creative Player Sports Foundation has created a positive atmosphere for learning where children from all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, or economic status can come together to build a more diverse and productive sporting culture through its urban soccer academy.

By influencing every child, with a positive and productive age appropriate training and coaching philosophy Creative Player Sports Foundation is giving participants the opportunity to reach their fullest potential by making sure that children in under-served communities have access to our highly acclaimed quality soccer programs, supporting their physical and character development.